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Midgard Guild on Uthgard Freeshard
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 - About the guild.

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PostSubject: - About the guild.   Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:07 am

Sokoi Midgarder!

Nomad Jarl was at early days a "one-man-guild" or let's say "one-troll-guild". And this is certainly one of the oldest Midgard guild of this server (understand, still active).

During time, some of the veterans scattered in different other guilds (some dead since long) finally joined to form a real guild (well that's make no sense to be alone in a guild).
Therefore we regroup some of the oldest Uthgard players, some real vet that have many unbelievable story to tell you, a good knowledge of the game and more specifically the server.

This said, let's speak about the actual state of the guild, our goals, the ambiance etc.
I will be short, we favor the community and the so called "fun" upon everything else. Well, let's say the main fun is mainly to be together, whatever we do.
But this doesn't mean that we just stand there chatting, as said previously
most of us are Vet(erans) and most members are active and experienced Vikingr.

Our community gather peoples from all ages (a good majority is up 20 years old with some old bum), and all continent in the same goal, having fun, playing with fireworks at the forge, racing in ramm. *cough* i mean fighting for our realm!

Nomad Jarl is an international guild, meaning English is highly recommended, and we are almost open to all .

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- About the guild.
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