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 Stormhammer's Dragon Raid Invite

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PostSubject: Stormhammer's Dragon Raid Invite   Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:24 pm


I have been forwarded here. There is no general forum so I will leave this in the good hands of your admins Smile

Stormhammer guild will be doing a Dragon Raid Nov 1st (Next Saturday) at 2 PM CST. We have approximately 12 ppl ready and willing, but we need more people. After playing with Nomad Jarl a few times throughout we would like to extend a welcome to NJ to join our dragon raid. The Loot will be distributed by /random 100, and everyone is able to win. This is our first public function by stormhammer, so your participation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and please respond ingame or by email before Nov 1st.

Conkosxs - Partner-GM of Stormhammer

for feedback.
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Stormhammer's Dragon Raid Invite
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